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I began my musical experience aged 7, when I started to learn the cello.  After 10 years playing in orchestras I wanted a change and so I learnt to play the tenor saxophone, flute and clarinet and began to play in big bands around Manchester.

I was interested in learning about arranging for big bands and through trial and error learnt how to arrange for wind band. 

Becoming a conductor of a charity band has helped me hone my skills and appreciate music and the effect it can have on your mood.  Running a band also gives me a platform for my musical ideas.

Over the last two years I have taught myself to play bass guitar "just for the fun of it" and this helps me with my arranging style.

My musical interests are very wide.  I love classical music, big band, some pop music and musical theatre / film scores.

Dainith Music was borne out of an idea to bring my music to a wider audience.  I hope you like what I do but I won't be offended if you don't.  Everyone likes different things - these things just happen to be mine.

Music is the bookmark that reminds you of a place, taste, smell, feeling and hence the tag line "Let Music Be Your Guide".  Perhaps listening to my music may take you to a place you recall and help you relive the memory.

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