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Update November 2021

Having started a weekly Pilates class I truly understand now the relaxation and benefits physically of this activity. I use Lakeland moods through my headphones as I do the exercises to help slow the heart rate and add to the concentration.

Today (6th November, 2021) I had an idea whilst watching Life of a Mountain Helvellyn by Terry Abraham. Having enjoyed writing my first album I intend to embark on a major undertaking. I will write an original piece of music for all 214 Wainwright fells. This is going to be quite an undertaking but I am inspired to do it by the enjoyment I have had in the Lake District.

I will gather them together in a series of albums. Who knows how long it will take me but I have set my mind to it so it will be done. I want to try and capture the essence of each mountain. They all have their own character and charm. Some are simple to climb and lend themselves to a broader, legato feel whilst the rocky outcrops will provide a "spikier" challenge.

Do feed back to me as they are released and I hope you enjoy them.

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